Diving into life

Lately, I have felt lacking the energy or the inspiration to write in my blog, partly due to the different goals I set to myself for the next months. I am preparing before starting my PhD at UCSB, where I will also work as Teaching Assistant, doing a lot of academic reading, organizing my data, and testing programs to improve my organization methods (digital humanities, yay!). I am also writing a conference paper for an upcoming conference in November, when I will present part of my undergraduate research. Unlike how it might sound -just keeping the old text intact- this has involved re-reading the old version, reorganizing information, writing/reading new things, rethinking my approach and going back to my sources. I have also been working more on my collages and continuing my volunteer work at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (a post on that soon!).

Life is good, but is also very busy. There is a lot going on, but I am happy I get to do what I love. Hence, in the midst of this never-ending busy life, I felt like sharing one my collages. 


“The Explorer” (May 2017). Handmade collage made with vintage papers.

This piece, called “The Explorer,” was inspired on how I feel as a historian and as anthropologist, diving into life, exploring different realities in the past and in the present. I enjoyed a lot working in this collage and putting together these very different elements into the composition.

I hope you also like it and all the best with your own projects!


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